Welcome to the AQUATRACK LTD. web site.  As our name suggests, we are in the piped water services business. Underground water supply and repair Engineers, servicing the East Midlands.


AQUATRACK LTD. is a Water Company Approved contractor for replacing and repairing water supply pipes and water mains.  Our highly motivated, customer orientated team have been involved with the water industry for over 25 years.  


Whether a private or a commercial installation, we use sophisticated trace and water leak detection equipment to locate underground water leaks almost anywhere.


Using our Impact Mole we can replace faulty pipes with minimal disruption to surrounding areas and provide a clean and cost effective repair to most leaking pipes.  


For agricultural water supplies we use a Mole Ploughwhich also causes minimal disruption to the land.


Please browse our web site, especially the Gallery page and view our Customer Testimonials.


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